Adam Gets Diapered

Summary: After he accidentally wets his pants at school 10 year old 
Adam is forced back into diapers by his mom.
story: Chapter 1

By: Babymatt

Adam is a ten year old boy with a wetting problem. He was broke of 
diapers at the late age of four. After his mom finally got him out of 
diapers, Adam would wet the bed and his pants during the day. For the 
past few years Adam's mom, Linda, didn't say or do anything to him for 
wetting until one day when she got a call from the school principal.

"Hello." Said Linda, as she answered the phone.

"Hello, this is Mrs. Larson, the principal at Wright Elementary 

"Yes, hello Mrs. Larson."

"It seems your son has had a little wetting accident."

"Oh My." Said Linda, feeling embarrassed.

"I need you to come down to my office an pick him up as soon as 

"Alright." Said Linda. "But it's gonna be some time before I can get 
there. I'm in the middle of a meeting."

"That's fine."

After about two hours Linda finally arrived at the school. She picked 
Adam up and took him home for the rest of the day. When they got home 
she made Adam go to his room and told him that he couldn't change his 
clothes. Adam went to his room and sat on his bed.

Ten minutes later Linda came in the room carrying a bag of diapers.

"Now." she said, bringing the diapers over to the bed. "You want to wet 
your pants like a baby then your gonna be treated like a baby."

Adam didn't know what to think.

"Now lay down so I can take off your wet clothes." She said.

Adam laid down on the bed and she took off all his clothes. She grabbed 
a diaper and put it under his butt. She grabbed some powder and put it 
on him, then pulled the diaper up and fastened it.

"Now go over to that corner and sit there and think about what you've 
done." Said Linda, pointing at the corner.

Adam went to the corner and sat there, thinking about what he had done 
and what he was in for.

Linda left the room and went downstairs.

When she got downstairs she got on the Internet and ordered him some 
diapers, baby clothes, and a crib for him to sleep in.

After an hour Linda called Adam back downstairs.

"Since you want to wet your pants your going to wear a diaper to 

Adam's face went straight, thinking of the humility he would face if he 
had to wear a diaper to school.

"But I don't want to wet my pants." He said. "I can't help it. It just 

"I don't want to hear it Adam." She said. "You'll wear a diaper to 
school to keep your pants from getting wet and you'll wear a diaper to 
bed at night to keep the sheets from getting wet. And the whole time 
your at home you'll wear a diaper and nothing else."

Adam looked scared.

"And when your baby clothes arrive you'll start wearing them to 
school." She said. "You will no longer use the bathroom, drink from a 
cup, or eat grown-up food. You will pee and poop in your diaper, drink 
from a bottle, and eat baby food, and most of all you will sleep in a 
crib when it gets here, and also be fed in a high chair."

"Now do you understand me, Adam?" She said.

"Yes." Said Adam.

That night Linda diapered Adam and put him to bed at eight o'clock.

The next morning Adam woke up wet. But this time his diaper was wet and 
not his pajamas. This made the cleanup much easier for Linda.

She came in his room to wake him up and was very happy to see that his 
sheets were dry.

Just as Adam was waking up, Linda pulled down his pajama pants to check 
his diaper and it was wet. She left the room and returned with another 

When she got back she changed his diaper, and dressed him for school.

Adam didn't like the idea of his mom dressing him cause it made him 
feel to much like a baby.

After he was all dressed, Linda went down stairs and called Mrs. 

"Hello Mrs. Larson." She said. "This is Linda Myers, Adam Myers 

"Yes, hello Linda. I hope everything went well at home last night."

"It did, thank you." Said Linda. "But from now on Adam will be wearing 
diapers to school and I was hoping you would check on him when he's 

"Yes." Said Mrs. Larson. "I think I can handle that."

"Great thank you." Linda said "He is also, to eat baby food, drink from 
a bottle, and pee and poop in his diapers."

"That's fine with me."

After she hung up with Mrs. Larson, Linda got Adam all ready for 
school. She put his books and papers in his backpack, and his diapers, 
bottles, juice, and baby food in the diaper bag she had bought for him, 
and sent him out the door to wait for the bus.

Chapter 2

Adam stood outside waiting for the bus and wet his diaper. When the bus 
came Adam got on and the driver made him sit in the front seat and she 
buckled him in. Everyone could see his diaper bulging through his 
pants. The whole way to school he was called names.

When they got to school the bus driver unbuckled him and took his hand, 
leading him to Mrs. Larson's office. Adam was really embarrassed.

When they got to the office the driver took him and then left.

"Oh, hello Adam, nice of you to join me this morning." Mrs. Larson 

She got up and walked over to where Adam was standing. She took the 
diaper bag and put it on her desk.

"Now why don't you lie down so I can check your diaper." She said.

Adam laid down on the floor in front of her desk. She pulled off his 
shoes and pants.

"Well, it looks like someone has been busy today." She said.

She pulled off his wet diaper. She grabbed the diaper bag and got out a 
fresh diaper, the powder, the baby wipes. She cleaned Adam up, put 
powder on him and fastened the diaper.

"There now, a dry baby is a happy baby." she said helping Adam to his 

"Now run along to class." She said. "I'll be in once an hour to check 
on you."

Adam felt like he was gonna die.

"Mrs. Larson is gonna come in the room and change my diaper." he 

He went to class with his diaper bulging through his pants. When he 
walked in the class everyone chanted, "diaper boy diaper boy, diaper 

Adam just ignored them.

Mrs. Anderson, Adam's teacher, said. "Now, lets all be quiet class."

Adam went and sat down at his desk and felt so embarrassed.

After an hour he knew it would be time for Mrs. Larson to be coming. 
Just as he had finished that thought she walked in the door carrying 
the diaper bag.

She walked over to where Adam was sitting, stood him up, and pulled his 
pants down in front of everyone. Sure enough his diaper was wet.

"Well Adam why don't you come up here with me." She said.

She took his hand and they walked to the front of the room. She laid 
him down on the floor and took off his shoes and pants. She unfastened 
his diaper and all the girls were staring at his little penis and 
giggling. She cleaned him up, diapered him and put his pants and shoes 
back on him. He felt so embarrassed.

They went back to their school work until recess time. Adam knew the 
next time she would come to change him was during recess time.

"She wouldn't come outside and check my diaper." Adam thought.

The class ran outside. Adam went over and played by himself on the 
swings. None of his friends from class wanted to play with him now that 
he had to wear diapers.

Adam sat on the swing, swinging back and forth. He suddenly felt like 
he had to go poop. He knew he couldn't go inside to the bathroom cause 
he would get in trouble, so he had to use his diaper.

Adam let the poop slide in his diaper and the girl sitting on the swing 
next to him smelled what he was doing and laughed as she got up and 

Adam knew it was almost time for Mrs. Larson to come and check on him 
but he was hoping she wouldn't come outside, cause everyone would crowd 
around and laugh at him. As he played on the swing with his messy 
diaper he saw Mrs. Larson coming with the diaper bag.

"Oh no, here she comes." He thought.

As she walked over to Adam, Mrs. Larson began smelling his messy 

After he messed his diaper all the other kids left, so she knew it had 
to be him.

When she got over to Adam she felt the front of his pants and sure 
enough his diaper was wet.

"What other surprise do you have for me in that diaper?" Mrs. Larson 

She laid him down on the concrete and pulled off his shoes and then his 
pants and sure enough, just like Adam had thought, everyone came 

With everyone crowded around Mrs. Larson pulled off his diaper.

"Ewww." A lot of the kids yelled when they saw the poop in his diaper.

Mrs. Larson wiped the poop up with the clean parts of the diaper and 
then grabbed some wipes and cleaned him up the rest of the way. She 
then grabbed a fresh diaper and powder out of the diaper bag. She 
lifted Adam's legs in the air and slid the diaper under his butt. All 
the girls were laughing at his little penis. She sprinkled powder on 
his butt and penis and fastened up the diaper. Adam felt so embarrassed 
and felt like he was gonna die.

Chapter 3

Adam sat in the cafeteria at lunch time, waiting for Mrs. Larson to 
come and feed him. All the kids were staring and laughing at him. He 
saw Mrs. Larson walk in the cafeteria carrying the diaper bag with the 
school janitor, Ed following close behind carrying a high chair. Adam 
couldn't believe what was happening. They walked over to Adam and Ed 
sat the high chair down. Adam got up and walked over to the high chair 
and Mrs. Larson helped him into the chair. The whole cafeteria broke 
out in laughter. She put the tray on the chair and reached in the 
diaper bag and pulled out the two jars of baby food and a bib. She put 
the bib around his neck and sat down, opening the first jar of baby 
food. The jar was orange and Adam figured it to be carrots.

"He hated carrots." He thought.

Mrs. Larson got a big heaping glob on the spoon and moved it toward his 
face. Adam put his hand in front of his mouth and turned his head. Mrs. 
Larson was looking at one of the other kids in the cafeteria and wasn't 
paying attention to what she was doing an ran the spoon right into 
Adam's cheek sending carrots all over his face. Adam was hungry and 
since that's all he had to eat he let Mrs. Larson feed it to him. But 
she wasn't to good at the job and got most of the food on him and not 
in his mouth. After he was done eating Adam was a mess. He had carrots 
and peas all over his face and clothes. Mrs. Larson got out a cloth 
from the diaper bag and cleaned him up. She then got him out of the 
high chair and laid him on the floor and changed his diaper. After 
lunch Adam went back to class. For the rest of the day Mrs. Larson came 
in the room every hour to change his wet and messy diaper.

When the day finally ended Adam was excited to go home. He knew there 
would be no one home because his mom was still working. And with no one 
home he could get out of his diapers and eat some real food. When the 
bell rang Adam ran out of the room. As he ran out the door he heard 
someone call his name. He looked. It was his 16 year old brother's 
girlfriend Jennifer. He walked over to her and said hello.

"I'm going to be babysitting you after school from now on." She said.

Adam thought this couldn't be happening. Now he would have to stay in 
the diapers forever. When they got home Jennifer changed him and sent 
him to bed for a nap and he slept for almost two hours. After his nap 
Jennifer came in to change him. She pulled off his pajamas and his wet 
and messy diaper. She cleaned him up and put a clean diaper on him.

"Can't I have some clothes?" Adam said.

"I was given strict orders to keep you in a diaper and nothing else." 
Jennifer said. Adam thought this day couldn't possibly get any worse.

"Okay baby lets go downstairs and see all the nice people." Jennifer 

"All what people?" Adam thought.

When they got downstairs all of his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and a 
lot of there friends were sitting around, waiting to see the newest 
addition to there family, Baby Adam.

Jennifer was holding his hand and everyone was looking at him and 
giggling. His mom walked over to him, gave him a kiss, and handed him a 
bottle. He began drinking the bottle as he went to see everyone.

"Yep, this is my baby, and he's in diapers for life." Said Linda.

Chapter 4

When Adam went to school, he went straight to Mrs. Larson's office and 
she changed his diaper before he went to class. But today was an 
unusual day because Mrs. Larson was absent and Mr. Johnson, the 
assistant principal, was filling in for her.

When Adam walked into Mrs. Larson's office he saw that she wasn't 
there. Mr. Johnson was sitting at her desk..

"What do you want kid?" said Mr. Johnson.

"I need to see Mrs. Larson."

"Well, as you can see she's not here. Now what do you want?"

"Well, I need my diaper changed."

"What do you mean, you need your diaper changed?"

"My mom makes me wear diapers because I have a wetting problem."

"Well, I'm not going to change any ten year old kid's diaper."

"But you have to cause I'm real wet and I need changed."

"Well, I just said I'm not going to do it and I mean I'm not going to 

Adam left the office in tears because Mr. Johnson had yelled at him. He 
went to class. When he got in the classroom Mrs. Anderson came up to 
him and asked him what was wrong. Adam explained to her that Mr. 
Johnson had yelled at him and wouldn't change his diaper.

"Oh I'm so sorry Mr. Johnson yelled at you. If you want I'll change 
your diaper for you." Said Mrs. Anderson.

"Okay, but my diaper bag is down in Mrs. Larson's office."

"Well that's no problem. I'll just call Mr. Johnson and have him bring 
up the diaper bag."

Mrs. Anderson called Mr. Johnson and asked him if he would bring the 
diaper bag up so she could change Adam.

"Absolutely not. I will not have that kid interrupt my school day by 
getting his diaper changed." Said Mr. Johnson.

Mrs. Anderson explained that Adam had to wear diapers because he had a 
wetting problem. Mr. Johnson still didn't care and refused to bring up 
the diaper bag. Mrs. Anderson didn't know what they were going to do 

She explained to Adam that Mr. Johnson had refused to bring up the 
diaper bag and that she didn't know how he was going to get changed. 
Adam didn't know what he was going to do either because he had a wet 
and messy diaper on and no way to get it changed. They went back to 
their class work while Adam sat there in his wet and messy diaper.

When their first recess came Adam stayed in with Mrs. Anderson while 
they tried to figure out some way for Adam to get his diaper changed. 
They couldn't figure anything out. Adams diaper was starting to smell 
and Mrs. Anderson just couldn't have him in her classroom with a smelly 
diaper. Then Mrs. Anderson suggested that he call his mom and see what 
she had to say. Adam got on the phone and called Linda. When he finally 
got a hold of her he explained everything that had happened.

"Okay, Adam, I'll be there in a few minutes and take care of the 
problem." She said.

After about 10 minutes Linda showed up at the school. She went into the 
office and right into Mr. Johnson's office. She started yelling at Mr. 
Johnson for not doing what he was told to do.

"I was never told that I had to change any ten year old's diaper." Mr. 
Johnson said.

"Let me call Mrs. Larson and see what she has to say."

"Now we don't want to disturb Mrs. Larson on her day off now do we?"

Linda grabbed the phone and called Mrs. Larson at home.

"Mrs. Larson, this is Linda Myers." She said.

"Hello Linda, is there a problem." Said Mrs. Larson.

"Well it appears that you forgot to tell Mr. Johnson about his duty to 
change Adam and he is refusing to change him."

"Rest assured Linda, I did tell Mr. Johnson of his duty to change 

"Alright." Said Linda. "What should I do?"

"Well I apologize for making you have to go all the way down to the 
school." Said Mrs. Larson. "And you can rest assure that I will take 
reprimand Mr. Johnson when I return."

"Thank you. But what should we do about the situation right now?"

"Why don't you take the diaper bag up to Mrs. Anderson's room and 
change Adam now while you are at the school and then have Mrs. Anderson 
perform the duty for the rest of the day."

"Alright. Thank You Mrs. Larson."

Linda hung up the phone, grabbed the diaper bag, and headed up to 
Adam's classroom.

When she got in the room she explained everything to Adam and Mrs. 
Anderson. She laid Adam down on the floor in front of Mrs. Anderson's 
desk and got him into a clean diaper. Adam was relieved to finally be 
in clean diaper.

Chapter 5

Adam's mom is a lawyer and often goes out of town on business. She 
usually takes Adam to his grandma Lynn's house when she goes out of 
town, but this time Adam's grandma was coming over to there house to 
watch him.

Linda was being called out of town on short notice and was expected to 
be away for about 3 weeks. Since Adam had to go to school he couldn't 
go with her.

Linda packed her suitcases for her trip and Adam waited for his grandma 
to arrive. He really loves his grandma and loves it when she comes over 
to watch him. They play a lot and they do a lot of fun things together, 
but Adam wasn't sure about having her watch him this time because of 
him being back in diapers. He wasn't sure what she was going to do now.

After a couple of hours had gone by his grandma finally showed up at 
their house. When she got there Adam ran out the door and gave her a 
big hug and kiss. She really loves to get hugs and kisses from all her 
grandchildren. They went inside where Linda was getting ready to head 
to the airport. Lynn went in and gave Linda a hug and kiss. They stood 
and talked awhile and then Linda left and headed off to the airport. 
Adam cried awhile after she left but his grandma made him feel all 

After she got him all settled down she said. "Why don't we go upstairs 
so I can change your diaper."

They went up into Adam's room and he laid down on the floor. Lynn 
grabbed a fresh diaper, and the powder. She took off Adam's pants and 
took down his diaper. She cleaned him up, sprinkled powder on his butt 
and penis, and pulled the fresh diaper up.

"There, now my Adam is all clean and dry." She said.

Adam felt so much better now that he had a dry diaper on. They went 
back downstairs and Lynn gave him his bottle and he laid down on the 
floor and watched cartoons while he drank his bottle. Adam was really 
happy that his grandma was there and taking care of him.

That night Lynn took Adam upstairs at seven o'clock and put him in a 
nice bubble bath. Adam played in the bubbles for awhile while Lynn read 
him a story. After the story was over she came over and began to wash 
Adam up. Adam played in the bubbles as she washed his body. After she 
got him clean, she got him out of the tub and dried him off real good. 
She laid him down on the floor, put some powder on him, and a nice 
clean diaper on him for the night. After he was all diapered she put 
his nice soft footed pajamas on him.

After she got him dressed she took him in his room and put him in bed. 
She read him his favorite bedtime story "Winnie the Pooh." After she 
read him the whole story she tucked him in and gave him a good night 
kiss and turned on his night light. She told him good night and then 
left the room.

The next morning was Saturday so Adam got to sleep in because he didn't 
have to go to school. He slept till nine o'clock when his grandma came 
in and got him up. She got him up and changed his wet diaper. After she 
changed him she took him downstairs so he could watch cartoons. She 
gave him his bottle and he drank it while she got his breakfast ready.

After Adam got done with his bottle she got him up and put him in his 
high chair. She put a bowl of baby cereal on the tray and put his bib 
on him. She grabbed the spoon and began feeding him. Adam really loves 
the cereal that he eats for breakfast. After he was done Lynn cleaned 
him up and gave him another bottle.

After breakfast Lynn took him upstairs so she could dress him. She took 
him into his room and laid him on the bed. She unzipped his pajamas and 
took them off, then took off his diaper, cleaned him up, and put him in 
a clean diaper. After Adam had a nice clean diaper on Lynn began 
dressing him. She put his pants and shirt on him then she put his shoes 
and socks on him.

After they were dressed they went and got in the car. Lynn was taking 
Adam shopping at the mall. He had never gone out in public with his 
diapers, besides to school, and wasn't really sure what would happen. 
He was going to have to go to the mall and have all the baby things 
done to him.

When they got to the mall Lynn got in the trunk and got out a stroller. 
She got Adam out of the car and sat him down in the stroller and they 
went into the mall.

The minute they walked in, people were staring at him. Adam was really 
embarrassed to be in the stroller but he knew he had to do it. When 
they got into the mall Lynn got Adam out of the stroller and stood him 
up. She pulled down his pants so she could check his diaper. When she 
pulled down his pants she saw that he had a wet and messy diaper on.

Everyone was looking and laughing.

They went into the bathroom so she could change his diaper. When they 
got in the bathroom all the stalls were full. Lynn laid Adam down on 
the floor and took off his wet and messy diaper. She got out the baby 
wipes and cleaned him up, powdered him, and put him in a clean diaper. 
While she was changing him all the ladies in the bathroom were staring 
at Adam. His face was real red because he was so embarrassed.

After Adam had his clean diaper on he got back in the stroller and they 
went back into the mall. Lynn took him all around the mall as everyone 
looked and laughed at him. They walked around the mall a couple times 
and went into a couple stores. When they came out of one of the stores 
Lynn thought it was time to check Adam's diaper again.

They went over to a bench in the middle of the main mall aisle and Lynn 
stood Adam up in front of everyone. She pulled down his pants and saw 
he had a full diaper again. Adam was really embarrassed because there 
were a lot of people in the mall and they were all staring at him. She 
laid Adam down on the floor and changed his diaper right in front of 

After they got done at the mall Lynn took Adam home.

When they got home she changed his diaper and put him down for his 
afternoon nap. She told Adam that when he woke up, Jennifer would be 
there to watch him for a couple hours while she went home to take care 
of a couple of things. Adam thought that was fine with him. He laid and 
fell asleep while Lynn went downstairs to wait for Jennifer. After 
about ten minutes Jennifer arrived and Lynn went home.

Adam slept for about three hours before he finally woke up. When he 
did, he started yelling for Jennifer to come and get him. When Jennifer 
heard him she went, got him up, changed his wet diaper, and took him 
downstairs. When they got downstairs she gave Adam a bottle as he sat 
down and watched some TV until lunch time.

When lunch time came Jennifer brought his high chair into the living 
room. She helped Adam into his high chair and tied the bib around his 
neck. After he was in the chair she went out in the kitchen to get the 
jars of baby food. Adam sat patiently in his high chair, watching TV, 
waiting for Jennifer to return.

When she finally returned Jennifer had two jars of baby food.

"Peas and carrots again." Adam thought.

Jennifer sat down on the couch in front of the high chair and opened 
the jar of baby food and began feeding it to Adam, getting most of it 
in his mouth, but a lot of it ended up on his clothes.

After he was done eating Jennifer cleaned him up and gave him another 
bottle and he went back to watching TV until his grandma got back.

After about three hours Lynn finally got back to Adam's house and told 
Jennifer she could go home.

When Lynn was out, she stopped at the post office and picked up two 
packages for Linda. Linda told her that she could open them because 
they were Adams baby clothes.

She opened the one and inside were five onesies in assorted colors, 
seven pairs of plastic pants in assorted colors, three cloth diapers, 
and three pair of footed pajamas. When she opened the other one she 
found two little boy sailor suits.

Lynn called Adam over to where she was sitting. She changed his wet and 
messy diaper then she put one of the sailor suits on him.

"Oh won't you just look so cute in your little sailor suit when you go 
to school on Monday." She said.

Adam had forgotten that he had to wear the baby clothes to school. Adam 
didn't know what he was going to do now. What were all the kids going 
to say when they saw him wearing baby clothes.

Chapter 6

Monday morning finally rolled around and it was time for Adam to get up 
and get ready for school. He was really nervous because he had to wear 
his sailor suit to school and didn't know how the other kids would 

Lynn came in his room and woke him up for school. She changed his 
diaper and told him he should go down and eat breakfast before he got 
dressed so he wouldn't get his clothes all messy.

Adam went down stairs in just a diaper to eat breakfast. Lynn fed him 
his breakfast and gave him his bottle after he was done eating.

After his bottle Lynn took him back upstairs to get him dressed. Adam 
tried to talk her out of sending him to school in the sailor suit, but 
it didn't work. She put his blue onesie on him and then put the sailor 
suit on him. He looked so cute when he had the suit on. After he had 
the sailor suit on Lynn took him down stairs and put his new shoes on 
that she had bought for him.

After Adam was all dressed and ready for school Lynn got his books and 
things together and took him out to the road to wait for the bus to 
come. As they stood there Adam noticed the people staring at him as 
they passed by in there cars. He was so embarrassed.

He got really nervous as he saw the bus coming closer. He messed his 
diaper because he was so nervous.

When the bus stopped at his house, everyone was staring out the windows 
at him. He walked on and heard a lot of people laughing at him. The bus 
driver buckled him in the front seat and they were off to school.

It was a long ride to school but today Adam thought it seemed to take 
much longer then usual. He wanted to go back home and hide under his 
bed and never come out. He began to blush as he heard people talking 
about him and even a couple people call him a baby.

Before they got to school Adam messed his diaper again because he was 
so nervous about what everyone was going to say.

When they got to school the driver unbuckled him and took his hand and 
led him to Mrs. Larson's office. He walked in her office and right away 
she knew he needed changed. She could smell his messy diaper. She laid 
him down and cleaned him up and put him in a clean diaper. She then put 
his sailor suit back on him and sent him off to class.

When he walked in the room everyone saw what he was wearing and started 
pointing and laughing. Adam felt embarrassed. He didn't know what to do 
but just sit there and be made fun of. His teacher was yelling at the 
kids to calm down and to leave Adam alone. They just kept it up. After 
about 10 minutes, Adam ran out of the room crying. He went down to Mrs. 
Larson's office and sat and talked to her for awhile. She told him that 
everything would be alright.

After recess Adam went back to class. Some of the kids stopped but 
there were still a few that kept testing him. Mrs. Anderson sent them 
to the office for misbehaving and Adam got to felling a lot better.

The school day finally ended and it was time for Adam to go home. He 
knew the torture he was going to face when he got back on the bus. All 
the way home he got teased and made fun of, the bus driver tried to 
stop them but they just kept on teasing him.

When he finally got home Lynn was there waiting for him at the end of 
the driveway. She was sitting in the car and when Adam got in she told 
him she was taking him over to Jennifer's for a while so she could run 
some errands.

When they got to Jennifer's house, Jennifer's mom, Brenda, answered the 
door. She was amazed to a ten year old boy standing there in a sailor 
suit. She wanted to start laughing but stopped herself. She told Adam 
to come on in and Lynn handed her a diaper bag and said she would be 
back as soon as she could. Brenda said no problem.

Adam didn't know what to do. He didn't know Brenda and he didn't know 
what she was going to do. He thought this might be his chance to 
finally get out of the diaper for a while. He sat down on the couch.

"Do you need your diaper changed little boy?" asked Brenda.

"Yes, but I'll wait until Jennifer gets home." He said. He didn't want 
Brenda and didn't want her changing his diaper.

"Well I'll just change you cause I don't know when Jennifer will be 
home." Brenda said.

She walked over to him and grabbed him by the hand and took him 
upstairs. She took him into her bedroom and laid him down on the floor. 
She took off his sailor suit and unfastened his diaper. Adam had a wet 
and messy diaper on and Brenda cleaned him up and put a nice fresh 
diaper on him.

After the diaper change Brenda turned on the TV and let Adam watch some 
cartoons for awhile. She let him be in just a diaper while he watched 
TV and gave him a bottle with some juice in it. He watched TV until 
about 8pm.

"I think it's time for the little boy to get to bed." She said, as she 
walked into the room. She took him by the hand and led him upstairs to 
Jennifer's room. She changed his diaper and put him in the bed and read 
him a story as he drifted off to sleep.

Lynn finally got back to Jennifer's house at about 2am. She went to 
meet one of her friends and lost all track of time. She went in and 
woke Adam up and took and put him into the car.

As they were driving home Lynn began feeling very tired but continued 
on because they were just a couple miles from home. Adam was asleep in 
the car while Linda was driving. She turned the corner and began 
driving down the road when she fell asleep. She was driving all over 
the road and hit a tree head on.

When the firemen got to the scene there was nothing they could do for 
Lynn and pronounced her dead on arrival. Adam was still alive so they 
rushed him to the hospital. When they got to the hospital they had to 
rush him into surgery because he had a collapsed lung. He was in 
surgery for about two hours. After he got out of surgery his mom had 
arrived back home and was there along with his brother, Jennifer, 
Brenda and a bunch of other relatives. They finally got to see Adam 
after he was admitted and was in his room. He was all messed up and had 
many cuts and scrapes and a broken right arm and left leg. But most of 
all he had lost complete control of his bladder so he had to be 

Adam had to stay in the hospital for two weeks so he had to miss his 
grandmas funeral. The doctors told him that he may never gain control 
of his bladder again and will have to wear diapers for the rest of his 
life. He didn't really think much about it because he had been wearing 
them for awhile now and was kind of used to it.

After two weeks Adam was released from the hospital. When he got home 
his mom told him that he didn't have to do all the baby stuff if he 
didn't want to because of what happened. He told her that he was kinda 
starting to like it and that he would like to keep sleeping in the crib 
and doing all the baby stuff but only at home.

Adam finally got to go back to school after a month of being out. He 
had been doing his work at home and was kind of excited to be going 
back. He had to be in a wheelchair because of the broken leg and arm. 
When he got back to school he got to wear normal clothes, but still had 
his diaper on underneath. All the kids were excited to see him back and 
his class threw him a welcome back party. They were all sorry to hear 
what happened to his grandma and were all being nice to him. They were 
all also apologizing to him for all of the mean stuff they did to him 
before. Adam accepted their apologies and they went on with school.

Adam finally got the casts off and has gotten used to wearing diapers. 
He wears them all the time and really loves them. He wears his baby 
clothes all the time at home and has even made some friends who also 
like wearing diapers.