This story begins one morning when I got out of bed and heard my 
younger brother wailing in his room down the hall. I got up to see what 
happened. The large wet spot on the front of his pajamas told me he'd 
wet the bed. He'd only been officially potty-trained a month ago and 
still had an occasional accident.

Every time he would, however, I'd get a sudden urge to be un-potty-
trained so I could wet my pants like him. My mother came in and got him 
cleaned up. Then she told to go outside and play with my brother, so I 
did. I asked him how it felt to wet the bed and he said it was kinda 
fun but he didn't want anyone to know that he liked it so he would fake 
cry. I told him that I always wanted to wet my pants to and he, being 
the tattletale that he always was, ran in to tell mom.

Just then I got the sudden urge to pee. I ran inside to go to the 
bathroom until my mom spotted me. She told me what my brother had just 
told her and that if I wanted to pee in my pants I should just let 
loose. (Just as long as I clean it up) Thinking twice about doing it in 
front of my mom I decided it would be too embarrassing and continued to 
make my way toward the bathroom. She cut me off in front of the door 
and said, "Oh no! If you want to pee in your pants I'm NOT letting you 
in the bathroom to do it. Just go here."

I was very surprised and realized that I had no choice so I tried to 
just go, but with someone watching I just couldn't. I told my mom about 
this but she said nothing and just waited. Finally, a little pee 
trickled into my pants. My reaction was to try to stop it but my 
bladder had just exploded. The pee went through my underwear, then my 
pants, and than splattered all over onto the floor, in a huge yellow 
puddle. Then, as promised mom maid me clean it up and get into new 
cloths. Then mom said she was going to the store and I went back 
outside to play with my brother. Eventually I had to pee again so I 
went back inside to go to the bathroom, but the door was locked with a 
note to me on it that read:

Don't try to go in here while I'm gone. I have the key. If you need to 
go, do it in your pants again. Same for your brother. From mom.

I went back outside and told my brother about the note. He said that 
was cool because he had to pee and would be happy to do it in his pants 
if I would join him. "Sure, but you go first," I said. All of a sudden, 
pee started rushing down my brother's front. It was so exciting to 
watch that my bladder gave way before he finished. I just couldn't 
stop. My pants got really wet and it splashed onto the ground and 
soaked into the grass. It was so much fun that my brother and I drank 
10 glasses of water each so we could do it again.

Then we decided to have a contest of whoever could hold it in the 
longest. The winner would get to take pictures of the other wetting 
their pants. We stood there for about 10 minutes and the pee inside of 
me was getting almost unbearable. However, I could tell it was hard for 
my brother as well when a wet spot started to form on his pants. 
Watching as I gained my clear victory, I let loose as well, as pee 
streamed through my pants and flowed quickly onto the floor. I had fun 
taking pictures of my brother afterwards but I think he enjoyed it, 

Then my mom pulled into the driveway from the store. She came in and 
noticed the puddles and told us to come with her. She opened a package 
of diapers and told us that we must use them. We both thought it was 
great. However, she had bad news as well. Since she new we were really 
already potty-trained and she didn't want to continuously buy diapers, 
we could only wear them for a week, a week where the bathroom would be 
locked except for bathing purposes.

That must have been the best week of my life. The first thing I did of 
course, is try it out. I peed and it was all absorbed into the huge and 
thick diaper. The warm pee felt so good that I didn't tell my mom to 
change me until it started to turn cold and itchy. Then I snuck out a 
poo and got changed. By the end of the week peeing would occasionally 
take me by surprise. Then my diaper week ended and I went back to 

However, my bladder must have learned to rely on the diaper. I was 
playing in the yard and my body showed no sign that I had to pee. Then 
I got a really bad urge. I ran to the house as fast as I could holding 
it in first with just my inner muscles, but then my hands had to take 
over. About 2 seconds later my hands got really wet, and pee soaked 
into the ground. I hadn't even made it that 50 feet or so to the door. 
When my mom noticed what happened she angrily yelled, "What did you 
do?! If this ever happens again I will punish you! And it won't be 
diapers because I know how you like them!"

So I went back outside, realizing the same thing happened to my brother 
when he walked up with soaked pants. It wasn't long before I got 
another bad urge. Realizing I wouldn't make it to the bathroom, I just 
took off the dry pair of pants I'd changed into, because I wouldn't 
want mom to know, and peed right there wearing only a shirt. As I 
pulled my pants back on mom came out and said she'd seen what I'd just 
done. Surprisingly, instead of yelling she said, "I couldn't think of 
how to punish you and I realize you aren't really peeing on purpose so 
I've decided to let you, and your brother (who was standing on the 
other side of her) to wear diapers again. So that's what happened. To 
this day my brother and I pee whenever and wherever we want to.