8 Year-Old Baby

Summary: A boy wants a last try at wearing his brothers diapers.

	My name is Donny. When I was 8 years old I slept in the same room 
as my two-year-old baby brother Timmy. He slept in a crib, I slept in 
my big boy bed. His crib was built by my uncle. It used a regular 
mattress but it had a very high crib side, so the kid inside would have 
trouble climbing out. It was for a kid eighteen months to three years 
old. My other brother, Billy, was six and had his own room. I had to 
sleep in my baby brother's room because I still wet my bed every single 
night and mom did not want both rooms smelling like a nursery.
	Timmy has not wet his bed since he was eighteen months old and 
did not have a plastic sheet on his mattress like mine did. Mom had 
just potty trained him for daytime last week and he has had no 
accidents since. Mom told me to go collect all of Timmy's diapers and 
plastic pants and threw them in the trash. He would not need them 
anymore. I walked to my room and started to put the diapers, plastic 
pants, pins, and size 6 Pampers in a large plastic bag. I had wanted to 
see what it was like to wear diapers again but was afraid to get 
caught. Mom was doing work outside and my brothers were next door at 
the neighbor's.
	It was just 9:00 AM Sunday and it would be the last time I could 
get a chance so I threw two cloth diapers and a pair of plastic pants 
in the crib. I undressed, looked out to see if mom was still out 
working planting flowers. I climbed into the crib and pinned the two 
diapers on and had the plastic on in just minutes. The crib was made by 
my uncle for me when I was two. I was climbing out of the baby crib and 
getting into things and going outside at night. The crib was the upper 
half of our bunk beds but had crib sides all the way around but high 
enough that a little kid could not climb out with the side up. After I 
was inside I lifted the side and it locked in place. I pinned the 
diaper on and pulled on the plastic pants. The diapers and plastic 
pants fit just right and it was kind of cool being in the crib with 
nothing but a diaper on. But now I could not release the side to let it 
down so I had to jump up to grab the top of the rail to climb out.
	The diapers felt great but I got scared and jumped up and started 
to climb out of the crib. That's when I lost my balance and fell to the 
floor. Sharp pain went through me and I let out a scream. I could not 
use my arms to help me stand. I rolled around on the floor crying. I 
finally was able to stand but my arms were bent and I could not move 
them without a lot of pain.
	All I was wearing was the diapers and plastic pants I had tried 
on in the crib. I could not get the diapers off and I was in a lot of 
pain I needed to go to mom but how could I explain the diapers I had 
on? I could not open the door so I had to wait on someone to open it 
for me. I waited for about ten minutes more but it seemed like hours. I 
had wet the diaper just after my fall and did not realize it. Mom came 
in the room to ask me why I was crying then she saw me diapered. She 
told me to get that diaper off right now. I told her my arms are hurt. 
I fell off of the crib rail. She asked me why was I in the crib? I 
said. I was playing baby. She looked at the diaper and said. Looks like 
you wet the diaper too. I said. I did not know I wet my arms hurt so 
	Mom checked my arms out and said, "It looks like you broke your 
arms. We will have to take you to the hospital. I will take that wet 
diaper off of you before we go." She pulled the plastic pants off, 
unpinned the soaked diaper wiped me with a baby wipe and put a size 6 
Pamper on me. I was small and skinny for an eight-year-old. The Pampers 
were just the right size. She dressed me in some of my brother's summer 
shorts and carried me to the car. She went back to the house and called 
our neighbors and asked if they could watch my brothers while she took 
me to the hospital. They said it was okay.
	Mom drove to the hospital and they carried me in. They found that 
I had broken my right arm in two places and my right thumb. I had also 
broken my left arm in two places. They asked how I broke my arms. Mom 
told them what I told her and they said this happens a lot but with 
younger kids but not too many eight-year-olds. After they put my casts 
on it left me without the use of my right arm and hand. I had very 
limited use of my left hand and no use of my left arm. Mom walked me to 
the car and buckled me into my brother's car seat.
	It was 12:00 noon so mom drove to Mc Donald's and bought me a 
Happy Meal and fed me since I could not pick up anything. I felt like a 
baby but I could not do anything about it. After I was finished I told 
mom I need to go to the bathroom she told me to go in my diaper or hold 
it until we get home.
	I tried to hold it but wet the Pamper I had on was making me feel 
even more like a baby with mom feeding me and me wetting in a diaper. 
After we got home mom just put me on the changing table and changed my 
wet diaper for a pair of my brother's plastic training pants. I asked, 
"Why do I have to wear training pants now?" She said that since I could 
not pull my own pants down I'd need to wear training pants or diapers 
until I could. She dressed me in Timmy's diaper T-shirt that snapped in 
the crotch. She carried me downstairs and put me in the playpen and 
told me this is so she could keep an eye on me so I would not get into 
more trouble.
	Billy and Timmy came home and found me playing in the playpen 
wearing training pants. They asked mom what happened. She told them I 
was playing baby in the crib and fell and broke my arms. She told them 
I would be treated just like a baby until I get my casts off. She told 
Timmy he has to sleep in my old bed while I sleep in the crib. I would 
also be eating in his highchair since she has to feed me like a baby. 
The baby things that he did not want to use Donny can use them now. 
There was nothing I could do about it; I was now the baby of the 
	After three hours mom quickly got tired of taking to the potty 
every forty-five minutes to an hour. That's how long I could hold my 
pee. So mom told my brothers to start to help. The rest of the day I 
had three wetting accidents and then messed myself right before 
bedtime. That is when mom put me back into diapers. My brothers were 
put in charge of changing my diapers only when I needed to be changed. 
So now I had to pee and poop in a diaper just like a baby. My brothers 
did not tease me, they just treated me like a baby.
	In the morning mom changed my wet diaper and dressed me in a 
diaper shirt and summer pull-on shorts and put on me Thomas the Tank 
Engine socks and shoes. I looked just like a big two-year-old. She 
carried me into the kitchen, put me in the highchair and fed me baby 
oatmeal. I ended up with some on the front of my bib. Mom handed my 
bottle to Timmy and he held it while I drank from it.
	After breakfast mom changed my diaper and told my brothers to go 
to school. I forgot all about daycare. It was the first day of summer 
day care. I asked mom if I had to go, too. She said, yes, but she 
didn't know where they would put me yet. When we got there they told 
Billy where to go and led Timmy to the preschool area. Then they asked 
mom where she thoughts I should go. She told them about my diapers and 
that I needed fed when I ate. They said they would try me in the 
toddler class first. Most of the kids were potty trained but some were 
	Then mom carried me to a room with seven boys all around the age 
of eighteen months old to two years old. Four were potty trained, three 
had just diapers and a T-shirt. There were toddler toys all over and 
two playpens, five cribs and five highchairs. Mom put me in a playpen 
and told them, "don't let him walk around for a few weeks" so I 
wouldn't chance another accident and hurt my arms more.
	I spent about one hour sucking on my pacifier trying to play with 
the baby toys and just starting to have fun when Miss White checked my 
diaper and found it wet but not wet enough for a change. So I continued 
to play until lunchtime. Miss Long changed my diaper and put me in one 
of the highchairs while six of the other toddlers were seated at a 
table and given their lunch. Sam was like me, seated in a highchair but 
he was allowed to feed himself.
	I was being fed my soon-to-be-usual two-jar baby food lunch when 
the need to poop came to in the middle of the second jar. It came so 
fast and I did not react fast enough and some poop went into my diaper. 
I tried to tell Miss White I need to go potty but every time I opened 
my mouth in went another spoon full of food. Just after the last spoon 
full of food went in to my mouth I filled my diaper with the rest of 
the poop I was holding back. Then I felt my diaper warming in the 
front. I was wetting without even trying to.
	After I was done being fed lunch Miss. Long changed the diapers 
of Sam, Kenny and I. I was the last and the only one with pee and poop. 
Everyone watched Miss Long change my messy diaper, even Bobby. He was 
only eighteen months old and potty trained for poop but still wet his 
diaper a lot. Miss Long carried me to one of the cribs and laid me down 
and told me it was naptime. Wearing only a diaper, I sucked my bottle 
and fell asleep with in a few minutes.
	Two hours later I was awakened by Miss White changing my wet nap 
diaper. I was then put back into the playpen wearing just my diaper and 
sucking my pacifier. I started to really enjoy sucking my pacifier. I 
would cry when it fell out of my mouth. I could not pick it up, so 
someone would have to put it back in my mouth to quiet me down. I 
played for two more hours and mom came in and picked me up, changed my 
wet diaper and dressed me to go home. My brothers were waiting outside 
the nursery room for me. They did not like to go in the baby room .Just 
like last week, I waited with Billy for mom to get Timmy out of the 
baby room.
	Mom carried me to the car and put me in the baby car seat and 
Timmy and Billy got in their own seat and fastened their seat belts. 
Mom strapped me in the baby seat. I could never unfasten the straps 
when Timmy rode in this seat, so I had to wait for someone to release 
me even if I could use my hands. On the short trip home mom asked Billy 
and Timmy what they did at daycare. Billy said he went swimming and 
hiking. Timmy said swimming and playing in the sand. I just sat sucking 
my pacifier wondering when I would get to go swimming again.
	When we got home mom just put me in my playpen so she could fix 
dinner and told my brothers to go outside and play. I was now so used 
to being confined in my playpen I just had to accept my fate. I was 
just a baby and had to do what I was told and stay where someone put 
me. I played until mom picked me up and changed my wet diaper before 
dinner. I was now so used to just wetting when I needed to I did not 
even know I had wet my diaper. Mom set me into my highchair and fed me 
my fourth baby food meal since my accident. While I was being fed the 
last spoonful of baby food I let a load of poop into my diaper. I did 
not even try to stop it; I had no reason to.
	Mom smiled at me and said what a good baby I am. I started to 
say, "I am not a baby," when in went the pacifier and I started to suck 
it like a good baby should. She carried me to the nursery and put me on 
the changing table, and with Timmy's help changed my messy diaper. 
Timmy asked why my poop was yellow and not brown like his was. She told 
him babies poop was supposed to be yellow if he is being fed right. 
Baby poop was supposed to be soft and yellow so baby could make his 
poop come out easily without a problem.
	For six weeks I was treated just like a two-year-old. Timmy 
learned how to change my Pampers and I had to let him. He also fed me 
most of the time and held my bottle for me. I was just like his baby 
brother. I was wetting about 12 to 18 times a day because but only had 
four or five diaper changes. Timmy had me drink so many bottles, which 
was why I wet so many times. I played in the four-by-four-foot playpen 
with baby toys because I could not handle toys for big kids.
	After the second week I just started to play and act just like a 
two-year-old. I even liked the pacifier they put in my mouth to stop my 
crying. I would just cry a little and in went the pacifier. I was most 
of the time happily playing and sucking my binky. The playpen at first 
was horrible; I hated it. When mom put me in I had to stay in it until 
she took me out. I could not get out of any of the baby things I was 
put in. Of course everyone thought I was a baby and not an eight-year-
old, seeing how I was dressed.
	Timmy would all the time check to see if I was wet since I would 
forget if I did or not. When I wet the Pamper only once or twice I 
could not tell I was wet, but after I wet three or four times it would 
leak and everyone one could tell I was wet. Messing the first couple of 
times was hard but with me eating a lot of baby food it got so easy I 
did not even have to think about it, it just happened. I would mess in 
my diaper while I ate or just after I finished eating.
	Timmy was so good at changing my diaper and keeping me clean that 
mom told him when I get my cast off he could still sleep in my old bed 
if he wanted to. Of course he was happy saying he is a big boy now not 
a baby. She told him that Donny will need to be potty trained when he 
gets his cast off. She told Timmy would be in charge of the potty 
training since he knew all the potty rules. She told him to keep it a 
secret and not to tell Donny.
	After four weeks I was just like an eighteen-month-old and I 
acted just like a baby. I messed and wet my diaper without thinking; I 
just let it happen. I used six to seven Pampers a day and one thick 
cloth night diaper with plastic pants. I could not use my hands so when 
I ate someone would have to feed me. I was just like a one-year-old no 
	I found out that I would not get my cast off for another two 
weeks, so I would be a baby until the three weeks before school starts. 
My brothers liked me being the baby and not bossing them around like I 
use to do to them. I was just as helpless as an eighteen-month-old baby 
and they knew it. The final insult was when mom put extension tubes on 
the wheels to Timmy's old walker that made it so when she put me in it 
I could only touch my tip toes to the floor. She did that to me the 
second day I had my cast on and I have not been allowed to walk without 
being put in it. If I was in the walker I could not move it because I 
could not put my toes on the floor hard enough.
	If I stood up in my crib or playpen mom would put me in the 
walker and I hated it, because if I messed or wet my diaper it smashed 
up on my butt and crotch making me feel like a baby even more. But 
after three days of being in the walker, playpen, crib, and highchair I 
gave into being a baby. I just stopped trying to walk or talk and 
started to be a baby and everyone forgot that I was eight-years-old, 
not eight-months-old.
	The last day I had my cast on mom took me to the doctor to have 
my cast taken off the doctor asked about my diapers. She explained the 
problem and he said he as seen the same thing happen to older kids and 
it is the best way to handle it. I wet my diaper while they removed the 
cast and did not even know what I did.
	On the way home we stopped a McDonald's she sat me in the 
highchair and put my baby food on the tray in front of me. She put a 
bib around my neck and told me to eat up. I was a mess just like a one-
year-old would be I spilled my drink and dropped food. I had messy food 
all over my bib and hands just like a little kid should.
	I let a load of poop into my diaper without even thinking about 
it I was still a baby. Mom said that my brothers are going to train me 
to be a big boy again in a few weeks but until then I would just be a 
baby and not have to worry about big boy things like the potty or 
feeding yourself or drinking from a glass. After all you are a good 
baby and easy to care for. She cleaned my face and threw away the messy 
	I ended up being a baby during the day for three more months 
because potty training was so hard for me to do. I was in second grade 
and I wore thick diapers that needed to be changed only once a day and 
I was able to hold my poop until I got home. No one found out I was 
wearing diapers it was a secret.
	But at home I was still a baby wetting and messing my diapers. 
Sleeping in my crib and eating messily in my highchair drinking from my 
bottle. I could walk, talk, play and do all the big boy things except 
potty train without accidents or fed myself neatly. Except for my age I 
would be classed as a toddler.
	I was a toddler until I turned twelve and started the ninth grade 
then I had to be a big kid. By then I was only wetting my bed at night 
I had not accidents during the day. At night is the only time I had 
diapers and plastic pants on. Since I still wet my bed I slept in my 
room by myself in my crib.
	So now I am a big kid during the day and a baby at night that is 
where my brothers like to have me always under them.