14 Year Old Back To A Two Year Old

I am Paul and this is my story of my most humiliated year in my life. 
It all started when my dad told me I could not see my girlfriend at 
night unsupervised. You see, Terry was 13 years old and her mom worked 
at night and so did my dad. We had been caught seeing each other early 
and was told to stop. I did what I wanted to and when to see her. We 
were together and making out with my hands in her panties when her mom 
came walking in. Terry saw her mom first and started yelling for me to 
stop and quit touching her. Her mom grabbed me by the neck, yelled and 
called me names as she called the police. They came and took me and 
filed a report and my dad picked me up. He was very upset. I tried to 
explain what happened but he said he had enough lies and he and Terry's 
mom had already talked. He also stated they had also come up with a 
punishment for me if my probation officer okayed it and not violated 

On Monday we went to see her along with Terry and her mom. Terry kept 
looking and giggling at me. I did not know why until I heard their idea 
about how to keep me out of trouble. I was to be in the care of an 
adult 24/7 for next year. This meant dad would be around or I would be 
in care of a babysitter or a daycare center. Also to keep me from 
walking away I would be only wearing T-shirt and one of the following: 
training pants, pull-up or a diaper. The bottom would be choice of the 
caretaker and my following the rules. The more rules I broke the longer 
I would be in diapers. I thought this was crazy and the officer would 
call them nuts. But she did not state if I violated I was facing two 
years in boy school, and if Terry's mom pressed charges I would not get 
out until I was 21. She Ok'd that if it was okay with Terry's mom and 
during school I would dress normally but would be dropped off at the 
daycare or picked up by the babysitter or dad. She look at me and told 
me I was under house arrest and if I did not do what said I would be 
going to boy's school. At that time Terry's mom handed dad a sack and 
in the sack was a t-shirt and box of pull-ups. I started to yell but 
was told to shut up and obey. I was told there in front all, including 
Terry, down to being nude. They put a t-shirt on me, then the pull-up 
with bears on them. They also told me that they had found a daycare 
home that would watch me and I would be going over there after we left 
from here because dad had go to work.

Terry and her mom left, both smiling and laughing as they told me bye. 
Dad walked me out to the car and took me over to the daycare house. We 
stopped in front of this house about mile from mine across from the 
park. In the yard I saw six small children ages 3 to 6, and 3 older 
children around 9 to 12. It was summer and hot, the younger children 
were dressed in a t-shirt and underwear while older ones were in 
swimsuits and spraying down the children with a hose. We walked up to 
the door and dad knocked. A woman came to the door and we walked in. I 
was introduced to the sitter while looking down a shame because I was 
standing there only in t-shirt and pull up. Also, it hit me that not 
one of children outside was in pull up all had underwear on or more. I 
started to leave but dad took hold of me, asking me where I was I 
going. She asked me and dad to sit down and she explained the rules:

1.	She has only 6 children, all between 3 and 6.
2.	No child can leave the house without first proving they can 
listen to others in charge. Until then you stayed in the playroom 
and if you cannot follow instructions in there then it's time in 
playpen. But all the children now thought they were too big for 
the playpen, so most obeyed with only few times being left in 
3.	No one can leave the yard without older person in charge.
4.	Bedtime is 7:00 for all children.
5.	Also, baths are given every other day or as needed.
6.	Fighting and arguing is not acceptable and will be punished.
7.	Punishment is time out; spanking and, for me, loss of my training 
pants and backs to diapers.
8.	You have no more rights than all other child being watched and 
you will do what they will do.

I was told, "I heard why you here and I am one of only two sitters that 
would take you. The other keeps babies and if you do not follow here 
then you go there or off to boys' school. So what will it be?"

I said, "I guess I have no choice, okay."

With that she called in the children who by now all dried off. They 
walked in and sat down the small ones on the floor and older three on 
the chairs. She told all of them, "This is Paul. He is our new child." 
I was then introduced to the others. First was Linda; she was 6 and 
tried pulling her t-shirt over her panties when she stood up. Next was 
Billy; he was 5, and said hi. Mary was next; she 5 and asked me why I 
was wearing a pull-up and giggled. Larry was 4 also said hi. Kim stated 
she was 3 and she's big girl and does not have wear pull-ups. Jim is 
also three and still wears diapers to bed.

"The children on the chair are my children. They are John, 9; Lelisa, 
10; and Annie, 11, and they help out around here, and you are follow 
their orders just like other smaller children do. They also have their 
friends over at times, which may cause you some embarrassment, but it 
not about you, is it? Okay, Linda, can you show Paul where playroom is 
because he cannot go outside yet."

Linda smiled, got up and took my hand and lead me to the playroom. I 
wanted to cry as I was led past Annie and Lelisa as they laughed and 
said, "nice pull up, little boy."

With that, the others went outside to play except Lelisa, who stayed 
with me. She showed me around and pointed to the playpen and changing 
table and laughed, "hope you do not have use them but I cannot wait to 
diaper you!" With that I lost my temper and hit her. This caused Lelisa 
to yell and her mom came in.

"Paul, you broke the rules already!" Lelisa told her mom what happened.

"Okay, Paul, you will be spanked and placed in the corner for 15 

I said "okay", but than Lelisa sit down in a chair and her mom told me 
to get over her lap for my spanking. I was a 14-year-old who had to lie 
over a 10-year-old's lap for a spanking with only pull-ups on. Lelisa 
laughed and told me, "okay, little boy, get your spanking." She spanked 
me and then took my t-shirt and stood me in the corner. At that time 
all others came in and saw me. They started laughing that I got 
spanked. We ate but then it was bath time. I told them I did not need a 
bath and they said it not up to me. With that, Linda, Mary and I were 
taken into the bathroom by Annie. The girl protested but Annie 
explained they are not taking a bath, but going to bathe the big baby. 
Linda laughed, stating any one wearing pull-ups at that age must be a 
baby. Annie told them to wait and she called them in to help. I was 
made to take off my pull-up and get into the tub. Then Annie got 
shaving cream out with razor and shaved my pubic hair off and now I 
looked like 2 year old. She than called in the girl to wash me, 
laughing and giggling about what big baby I was. I was taken out naked, 
placed on changing table and then I saw Lelisa hold a diaper. Laughing, 
she stated, "I told you that you would be wearing them soon, and I 
cannot wait until Terry, my cousin, sees what baby you are!"

Annie said that will be Saturday.

"We're having a sleepover and you will be there."

Then with a diaper on I was placed in a playpen as Kim placed a 
pacifier in my mouth and said, "I told you I am a big girl." Linda also 
came over this time; her panties were showing. Lelisa asked why now was 
she not covering up now. Linda said earlier she did not want show older 
boy her panties but now I was just a baby and she did not care. This is 
beginning of long year.

Part 2

There I set in a playpen in a diaper with many smaller children 
laughing and tease me and pointing out that they do not wear a diaper. 
Than Annie ask the children who wear diapers and they all said babies 
do. And then Kim spoke up saying Paul must be a baby. That's because 
all to laugh except Jim, who was also diapered and made fun of. They 
all left except two babies in playpen to be children as the two babies 
can be babies and play with their toys. This day was coming to and end 
as mother picked up the children and ask Becky about the big baby. Only 
two made comments to me. One was Jim mother telling Jim that this was 
what he going look like if he did not stop wetting the bed. Jim cried 
and his mom said, "we will work on it." The next day I was not ready 
for. Mary's mother is also mother of twins 6th graders in the same 
school I am in. She came in looking down at me laughing and saying, 
"You do not look so big now in your diapers. This is the best 
punishment that could ever happen to you. Just think, the school bully 
will be wearing pull up or diapers for next year. I bet you will not be 
the bully by end of the year when all boys and girls find out your new 
underwear. And just think, Paul, you go to a school that has grade K to 
8th, and how many of those classes will find out poor Paul?"

I started to cry but than it got worse because looking down at me in my 
diapers were 12 year old Nicole and Natalie they were laughing and say 
they cannot wait to tell their girlfriends. Than they asked Mary if 
they saw the baby change and she said she did and they all left 
laughing. Dad pick me up and took me home. I asked Dad if I could take 
the diaper off and he said no and put me to bed. I sneaked into 
bathroom and remove the diaper and use the bathroom. And then went to 

Thursday morning came. Dad came into the room and was ever upset at me 
taking off my diaper and spanked me. He did not have a diaper so he put 
me into a pull-up. Then 2pm Dad took me to the sitter unlike first day 
all the children were dressed. I made get out of the car and taken into 
the house. In the house Barb told dad what I did day one and how I was 
put back in diapers. She explained that I will have to earn my way out 
of diapers. At that point Barb ask Annie to put the baby back into his 
diapers. Annie took off my pull-up and put power on my butt and wee and 
place me into two diapers. Than the rule was explain to me.

1.	I would wear diaper 24/7
2.	I could not take them off
3.	I would use the diapers for what they are made for.
4.	I had tell someone I use my diaper and they will either change me 
or get older person to change me. Oh, by the way anyone, not in a 
diaper is older than you and you can ask them; also they can 
watch the baby and change if they want to.
5.	You will stay in the playpen and play with toys there, or if 
older child wants take you out to play with you it's okay and you 
must do what they say.
6.	If you have three good days you can leave playpen for the 

Dad said okay and left and Annie put me into the playpen. But the 11 
year-old did not leave. She began telling me what going to happen. That 
be end of the day I will have pee and poop my diapers in front of 
children and may have told Mary or Linda I peed or pooped my diaper. "I 
also have three friends coming over cannot wait change you in front of 
them. Have fun." She left.

I sat in the playpen passing time. Then it happened, I peed my diaper 
and it showed. But luckily for me it was 10-year-old Lelisa that came 
in first. I had to tell her I peed my diaper and had to ask a 10-year-
old to change me. She took me out of the playpen then told me I had to 
crawl over to the changing table. She was in a sundress and with me 
crawling. I saw her panties as I crawled behind her. She took off my 
diaper and played with my pee pee, saying she can do that, and laughed, 
saying, "Wait until tomorrow. We are going have 8 girls here and none 
ever diapered and all will have more hair than you do here."

I was placed back into diapers and back into playpen. I spend most of 
the day in playpen that night. At dinner I pooped my diaper in front of 
all. Linda said, "The baby smells and needs changed." Jim said, "Paul's 
more of a baby than him because he does not poop his pants." Annie just 
laughed, as I had to crawl to changing place in front all. Than Annie 
and her two friends changed my diaper in front of all, taking baby 
wipes, cleaning the messy area as all looked on calling me a baby. I 
cried with humiliation. Then to top it off, one of Annie's friend put a 
pacifier in my mouth to quiet the baby. Not much more happened that 
night. I will talk about the sleep over next.

Part 3

I am going to focus on highlight stories of my year in training pants, 
pull up or diapers. Every day was a humiliation and an embarrassment. 
Because before the punishment I was the class bully and god's gift to 
the girls, but afterwards I became the school joke and plaything. From 
8th grade down to 1St grade ever boy and girl has seen me in diapers 
pull-ups and training pants. I talked to you about how it started and 
my first two days. But the other stories going talk about are:

3. The sleep over
4. Spending day outside
5. Two weeks at the other sitter.
6. Back to school
7. Being changed at the School preschool
8. Gym class
9. Family Reunion
10. Demotion
11. Guys get even
12. Terry now my sitter.

It was Friday, the first week. I was in the playpen in diapers sucking 
on a bottle being give to me by Linda a 6 year old long blond hair girl 
dress in a sundress. It was about 6pm and doorbell ring. Annie went to 
door and let four girls in Sarah 11, Katherine 10, Lauren 9 and Emily 
11. They came in said hi to Annie and Lelisa than saw Linda and me in 
the playpen They began giggling and laughing at the sight of me being 
feed by girl. They ask me if I need my diaper changed or burp. Than 
Lelisa told girls put up their stuff over here.

At the same time the doorbell ring again and this time Lelisa got the 
door, There were three girls Amber 10, Katie 11 and Erin 10. The other 
girl started talking and than said, "you girls seen the big baby" and 
they were shown me in diapers. At this time I started to cry because I 
wet myself and knew what was going to happen next. Linda seen wet spot 
and told Annie I needed a change. I was taken out of the Playpen and 
place on my knees and crawled over to the changing table. As the girl 
watched and giggled she saw my soaked diaper. There in front of 9 9-to 
11-year-old girls my diaper was removed. I was naked in front of them 
and they were pointing out I had no hair on my dick. They all laughed 
and wanted to touch my dick. Linda finally brought my diaper over. Then 
the doorbell ring and it was Terry. She came in a laugh at me in the 
playpen. The girls all got ready for bed undress in front of me taking 
off their clothes and changing panties and taking off their bras. I saw 
most naked but they only laugh and talk about boys in front of me. 
Terry came over to the playpen and said, "you try so hard to see this, 
but now you are just baby and none of use girls would go out with you. 
Just cry if you need one of us to change you. We may even teach Linda 
how change a diaper. Would not that be a blast, the macho man being 
changed by 6 year old. She already seen everything you got."

The night was long and I had to be changed twice and took a bottle from 
Lauren. They each took a picture of me in diapers with them in their 
nightclothes. Terry talked about her new boyfriend to the girls and 
luck over at me and said she will bring me around to see the big baby. 
I cried myself to sleep as they all giggled and laughed.

Part 4

It's been one month now wearing a diaper 24/7. My macho image has been 
damage badly from that 1st day seeing the other children in front yard 
in their underwear and tee shirt to now. All have seen me in diapers 
and changed in front of them. Jim had stop wetting and I am only in 
diapers now and have go to bed in crib an hour before the 3 year olds. 
Mary and Linda now comes to tell Barb, Lelisa or Annie I need changed 
and do not dress with younger children any more because they are big 
girls, but make me play house with them as me being baby and leading me 
around like I am the child. Also been seen by Lelisa and Annie's 
friend. And saw Terry stand totally naked in front of me telling me 
about her new boyfriend and what a baby I am. It cannot get worse, can 

But this day Lelisa put me in pull-up with puppy dogs on them and tee 
shirt. She said the puppies turn different colors when I wet myself. 
After that she called Linda over to lead me outside with the other 
children. That must be a sight, here I was, a 14-year-old holding hands 
with a 6 year old dressed in a sundress while I waddled beside her in a 
tee shirt and pull-ups. We went to the play area were I was told what I 
could and not could do. The yard was full of children's toys for 3-to-
6-year-olds and I had to play with them. The house was across from the 
park and others passing by on there way to it. At that time a group of 
boys about 8 to 10 passed by going to play ball, but one saw me in my 
pull-up and yelled. They all stopped and started laughing and pointing. 
"Hey, little boy, where's your mommy? You better sit down. You are too 
small to walk. You need your diaper changed?" And on and on until I was 
crying. At that time Mary came over, took my hand and told the boys to 
go away. They all laugh and said I need my big sister to check my 
diaper. I was now on my hands and knees behind this 5-year-old who was 
dressed in a dress telling these boys leave the baby alone. And from 
this place I could see her panties and feel my pull-up and shame, 
knowing she was older than I at this time. Time passed by with no 
problem until John came home with six of his friends; two boys and four 
girls. He said, "Come here, Paul," and girls started giggling once they 
saw me in pull-ups. "You were not lying, John, that the biggest baby I 
have ever seen."

Then this young girl with long hair and in short said, "okay, baby, pee 
your diaper for us" and laughed. John said, "You heard her. Did you 
not?" and told me I had to pee in front of them. I cried and asked not 
to, but in my embarrassment I peed my pull-up right there in front of 
them. My puppies turned from blue to yellow, and the girls all laughed 
because they knew first I did that. But then I pooped myself with this 
because more laughter and boy saying, "what a wimp." I was taken in to 
the house with the children following to be changed. John let his 8-
year-old girlfriend change me. She pulled off my pull-up and took baby 
wipes to clean me. But instead of putting me back in to pull-up she put 
another diaper on me, and than put me back into the playpen with a 
pacifier in my mouth at laughter. All I wanted to die, but just lay 
there looking up at these 8-and 9-year-olds, I knew I could not look 
into their eyes knowing they are bigger than me.

Part 5

In the second month of my punishment of wearing diapers and pull ups 
there were two new developments. The first was my probation officer 
stopping by to check on me. She knocked on our door and dad talked to 
her for a moment. She said she needed to talk to me but her 7-year-old 
daughter was in the car. Dad said, "you can bring her in if you feel ok 
with that." Then officer Rebecca went to the car and brought her 
daughter into the house to sit in family room while waiting for her 
mom. Rebecca then knocked on my door and then entered my room. I was 
sitting in the bed with cover over my diapers. She asked me questions 
about following guidelines. I yelled at her, yes I was' and was I happy 
that others were laughing at me because I was in diapers. She said I 
needed to lower my voice because I was the one that broke the law and 
accept punishment over going to boy school for 6 years. I started to 
cry like a small boy and she laugh and said, "looks like the punishment 
working some because you are not as demanding and macho, are you?" Then 
she made me take a box from her. I had to walk across the room with my 
diaper in plain view of her. I took the box and was told to open it. I 
did, and inside was 12 diapers, blue ducky baby pins, two tee shirts 
that read "I'm a big Baby", and baby bottle and pacifier. She said she 
thought I may need these and laughed, saying, "you used to be my most 
hardest case, but now you are only little problem for me." I started 
crying again and then I wet my diapers. She laughed and took me by my 
hand and led me to the family room were dad was. She said "the baby 
needed changed" to my dad. At that moment I saw her 7-year-old daughter 
giggling at me while I stood there in a wet diaper. Dad grabbed my hand 
and pulled me to the changing table and I tried to ask him to wait 
until they left. He said that they both have seen a baby changed, and 
with that he took my diaper off right in front of Rebecca and her 
daughter. They both were laughing, and dad cleaned me up and then told 
Rebecca's daughter to get my new diaper and she did, saying, "here, a 
clean diaper for the big baby!" They left, as I was placed in a playpen 
in front of them. Rebecca said she will see me in thirty days. Her 
daughter asked if she can come back also mom told her, "we will see." I 
cried myself to sleep after being humiliated again.

The next day I went to the babysitter and it was normal day as it can 
be for a 14-year-old to be in diapers in front of bunch of children, 3 
to 6, that all are treated older than me. And they treated me like I am 
the baby and youngest, not them. Barb's children continued to watch us 
children and have their friends over. But at the end of the day Barb 
told dad she cannot watch me for two weeks because they are going on 
vacation. Dad said he also got to go to training for 10 days. That was 
when Barb gave dad the address of Mary, the other babysitter that 
agreed to watch Paul.

That night Dad called Mary and explained to her what he needed for next 
10 days. She gave dad a price that dad said was okay. "Paul will be 
there in the morning." I ask dad if I could go with him he said no he 
would be in meeting from 6am to 8 pm every day. The next morning dad 
packed my diaper bag and drove over to Mary's house. My eyes grew ever 
wide as I had seen the part of town we were going. It was a black part 
of town. We stop and I cried, "Please, Daddy, not here, please." But 
dad took my hand a walk me to the door. The first to come to the door 
was a teenage boy about my age. He yelled, "the big baby's here, mom!" 
He let us in and there in the living room came about 6 children all 
staring at "the big baby." I tried to hide behind dad but Mary called 
to Latrecia to take the baby into room with the other babies. That was 
when Latreca came over giggling, and took my hand and led me into the 
other room where there were four cribs with babies in them. Latrecia 
place me into a crib. She told me she was 9 and Delon who met me at the 
door, was 13 year old. There are also so Larita and Lashell and they 
are twins, 7 years old; and Deron is 5 and Latrice is 4.

"We have 4 babies here now, plus you. All in diapers and all are black 
children. You are only white boy here. But do not think you going get 
any breaks. You're here for 10 days and you will be wearing diapers and 
doing what other four babies here do. And I think you are in for a 

With that, she left me in the crib with the other babies in the room. I 
fell to sleep than I heard a lot of noise and then in came Mary and her 
daughters. They placed high chairs up and took the babies out of the 
crib. I was also placed in a chair. At this time they started feeding 
the babies and I looked up and saw Latrice, a 4-year-old standing fully 
dressed and feeding me. After which all the babies were changed, 
including me, with the help all the girls. They all stopped and giggled 
and pointed at my hairless cock as Mary changed me. The girls asked mom 
why am I still in diapers. She said, "Paul must be a little slow and 
you all are older than him and need to watch him like any baby." They 
asked if they cannot have their friends over. Mom said, "you can have 
your friends over. Paul is a baby just like the rest. And if you want 
play with him, that's okay." This was very humiliating this week as 
black children watched and teased me. But the highlight of the 
humiliation was when this young mother picked me up in front of 8 7-
year-old and younger girls who watched and laughed at me being 
breastfed in front of them. I was very glad to see dad on day 10. But 
when he picked me up I was more of a baby because I lost more control 
of my bladder and keep pooping my diaper.

Part 6

It was a humiliating 10 days and was glad it was over or was it. I 
returned to Beth on Monday and in the front yard was Linda, Mary, Larry 
Jim and Kim all were wearing swimsuit and playing in the water with 
Lelisa and Annie also in swimsuits. They saw me coming so Lelisa when 
over and open the gate to tell me I had to join them. I was now the 
only one not wearing swimsuits but a diaper. Mary put baby sun block on 
my body and then made me play in the water with the others. About an 
hour in playing I look up and saw 10 girls from the park looking 
through the fences laughing and giggling at me. They ask if big baby 
needs change or if you need your mommy. They all were about the same 
age, around 8 to 9 year old. Then I saw what they were wearing. It was 
the school uniform for 3rd-to-5th graders at my school. They were in blue 
skirts and white tops with tennis shoes and lace top socks. I began to 
cry, knowing that school will start in two weeks and I may run into 
these girls at school. The girls were laughing and saying the baby 
needs his bottle. Than it got worse as Terry and her new boyfriend 
stepped forward and told all the girls that I go to their school and 
the baby is in the 8th grade. This caused more laughing and pointing. 
Even some girls were laughing so hard that their dresses moved around 
and showed their panties. Terry gave her new boyfriend a kiss and he 
said, "This is the mighty Paul. I cannot wait until you get back to 
school because you will soon be the smallest boy in school and no 
longer top dog."

Terry and girls told me, "Bye, baby, see you later." And they left. At 
that time Annie checked me and said I need changed. They took me in and 
changed me. Then when I saw the tape and the TV on. While I lay in the 
playpen the rest watched my 10 days with other babysitter. They laughed 
and teased me about having a "girlfriend" because I and the baby girl 
were given a bath at the same time. They saw me at the beach in a 
diaper and younger girls in panties and tee shirts as we played in the 
sand and then watched me being breastfed in front of ten 4- and 5-year-
old girls and boys. I wanted to die but just suck my pacifier like good 

Then came the first day of school. Dad packed a diaper bag. I wore 
school pants and a shirt but with a diaper as underwear. We got to 
school early and dad and I went to the offices. There I was told what I 
needed to do and where I needed to go to be changed. There were three 
places to be changed and I was told it depends on my behavior where I 
will be changed:

1.	the nurses station down by the K to 2nd wing of the school.
2.	At the daycare center that located in the 3rd to 5th grade wing.
3.	I could be change in the Home Ec. and Babysitting class for the 
6th and 7th graders.

I said, "Please, can we only use the nurses area?" but the Dean said, 
"Only if you follow the rules, little boy." With that the Dean and dad 
and I went to the nurse's station. On the way there we ran into Linda 
and Mary. They were dressed in their school jumpers and shirts with 
pink tennis shoes. They smiled and giggled as I walked by. In the 
nurse's station I was told when I could come to be changed. I asked if 
I could come at another time because it was when most of k to 2nd are 
in the hallway. They said no, I was no longer in control. With that I 
left to go to my class and had to walk by Mary and Linda. They were 
talking to their friends and all laughed and pointed at me as I walked 
by. I got to class and did okay until noon. At that time I was sitting 
by myself when I looked up and saw Nicole and Natalie sitting at the 
table across from me with their friends and pointing and giggling at 
me. Then Natalie came over and said, "Does the baby needs his diaper 
change?" She went back to the table and all the girls there were 
laughing very loudly until the teacher told them to quiet down. I got 
up, left and went down to the nurse's station. The hall was full of 
boys and girls and I felt all were looking at me. I got to the station 
and went inside where I found the nurse and two children, both 1st 
graders, one boy and one girl. She asked them to wait and there in 
front of them I had to ask that my diaper be changed. They laughed and 
giggled and I was taken into next office but the door was open. There 
she changed my diaper with two 1st graders looking, and as I left, told 
me be a good baby. When back to class but was late and the teacher 
asked me where I was at. I told them the nurse's station. Terry was in 
this class and whispered to her girlfriend said, "he needed his diaper 
changed." They laughed but the teacher calmed them down. I quietly left 
school to be picked in front in Barb's car with other children. I feel 
this is going be a long year.

Part 7

I left school as fast as I could because I was going to be picked up by 
my babysitter and did not want others to see. Barb was there with 
Lelisa in the front seat. In the back was now 4 year old Kim and 3 year 
old Jim both in car seats. Barb opened the back door and also placed me 
in a car seat. We got to Barb's house and Annie opened the doors to let 
the children out. Kim ran into the house. I slowly walked in to find 
that Barb had some new children to watch. They were introduced to me 
and I to them. First, there was Bonnie, a 2 year old, and then I met 
Julianne, another 2 year old. Kim was standing and pointing and 
laughing with two other girls. They were 4-year-old Hailey and 4-year-
old Callie. Annie told charge and Callie asked if Paul wears a diaper 
like Kim said. Annie told Callie to ask Paul. She then asked Paul, "Do 
you wear a diaper like a baby?" I said yes very low and quietly. She 
and all the girls started giggling. Than Annie took my shirt off and my 
pants and shoes and all I had on was a diaper and tee shirt. This 
caused a lot of laughter as Annie place me into the playpen. The three 
four-year-olds went to play, as did Jim. But the two 2-year-old stood 
in front of the playpen and call me a big baby and they are big girls 
and do not wear diapers or pull ups, by pulling up their dresses and 
show me both were in panties. They got me some baby play toys and 
placed them in the playpen and said, "bye, baby." I sat in playpen 
until dinner. Then came a new humiliation at the sitter. Lelisa set the 
dinner table and set up a high chair. Then she placed me in it and 
called the children to dinner. They all giggled as they saw me in the 
high chair. Lelisa let Hailey feed me and Kim gave me a baby bottle. 
After supper Annie changed my diapers in front of all and was placed in 
a crib that used to be Jim's but did not need it anymore. Dad picked me 
up at 10:30pm.

I tried to get dad to let me stay home from school. But he said no and 
help me get dressed. He took me to school and dropped off the diaper 
bag at the nurse's station, and I went to class. The morning went okay 
but lunch was a problem. The twins, Nicole and Natalie, with four of 
their 7th grade friends, sat at my table. They were laughing and 
giggling and I was very anxious. I reached for my milk and knocked it 
over but Nicole caught it before it spilled. She then reached into her 
bag and pulled out a sip cup. She put the milk into the sip cup and 
said that "this should help you, baby." They all laughed and moved away 
from my table and I quickly got up went to the study hall. I stayed 
there until the bell for class rang. Then I forgot to go to the nurse's 
station and hoped my diaper would last until end of the day. I knew I 
was wet. But in the second to last class I pooped my diaper. I tried to 
act as nothing wrong but the smell was strong. John sat behind me and 
asked out loud, "Did you poop your pants, Paul?" It brought laughter 
from the whole class. I tried to leave but the teacher would not let 
me. She said if I was not old enough to not poop my pants in school; I 
can not let you in the hall by yourself. She asked if any girls would 
take Paul to the daycare center to be change. I said I wanted to go to 
the nurse, and she said she was gone for the day. All the girls were 
laughing and had their hands in the air. She picked two; they were 
Ashley and Allison. They got up, took me by the hand and led me down 
the 3rd to 5th grade wing where the daycare center was. As we got 
halfway down the hall the bell rang and the hall was full of children. 
Just before the daycare door we were stopped by five third graders; one 
was Ashley sister. She asked Ashley what she was doing. And Ashley 
said, "taking this boy to get his diaper changed." That brought 
laughter from both girls and boys. Then one said, "you better hurry, 
he's leaking." I looked down and saw a spot in front. They all laughed 
and left. We knocked on the door and a teacher's aid came and asked 
what we needed. Allison told her at I pooped my pants. She laughed and 
the three of us went into the daycare center. There I was changed in 
front of the girls by the aid. But my clothes were wet and I could not 
wear them. I stood there in a diaper while the aid talked to the 
teacher. The children then saw me and started laughing and calling me 
big baby. The teacher brought an outfit for me to wear. It was the 
school outfit for K to 2nd graders. It was a white shirt, blue short 
and knee socks. I was placed in the outfit and because it was small you 
could tell I was wearing a diaper. Allison and Ashley took me back to 
class giggling all the way. We passed through the 3rd and 5th grade 
wing and there was laughter as they teased me about my new uniform. I 
asked them to let me go home. They said "no way" as they opened the 
classroom door and walked me in. The class just roared and said, "you 
are in the wrong wing, little boy. Are you lost and looking for mommy?" 
Then one of the girls said out loud, "he's wearing a diaper!" This 
brought laughter and name-calling. The teacher said, "Enough!" and sent 
me to the office. At the office the dean was upset but laughed at my 
outfit. He called my dad and they talk and came up with what I will 
have to do to remain in school. I sat there until end of school and 
Barb and Kim came to get me. I was than led out to the car by Kim 
holding my hand while classmates laughed and giggled about. "Is she 
your big sister?" I wanted to die. There were 8 more months of this 

Part 8

The day ended at school with me sitting in the offices. Barb had come 
in to get me and she also picked up Linda. When Barb and Linda came to 
the office they started laughing at me in my white shirt short blue 
pants and knee socks because it was the outfit that all boys in K to 
2nd grade had on. But mine stood out because my diaper was very clearly 
noted in my shorts. Linda took my hand and began to lead me out to the 
car. As we got into the hallway a 4th grade boy started laughing and 
called me names. I got mad and knocked him down in front of his 
friends. The teacher stopped it and sent us on our way. In the car I 
was made to sit between Linda and Mary. All three of us were dress like 
K and 2nd children at the school. I wanted to cry as Linda and Mary 
giggled at my new outfit. But at least I was dressed. That changed once 
we got to the house. My outfit was removed and my diaper changed in 
front of Mary and Linda. At least five minutes ago I was dressed 
equally to them. But now I was lying nude in front of them and also in 
front of Julianne and Bonnie, the two-year-old, while Annie placed my 
diaper on. Linda laughed and said that, "better he needs to be dressed 
24/7 like a baby, not like bigger boy. Even Julianne and Bonnie are 
dress older than you look. They have on dresses and panties and here 
you are on the floor crawling in a diaper at their feet. Tell me your 
age, little baby." I said I was 14 years old, and then I heard Mary 
say, "okay, big boy, crawl over here and take your bottle from a little 
girl." I then saw Bonnie holding a baby bottle and I was made to crawl 
over to her and take a bottle from a two-year-old fully dressed girl 
with me only in a diaper. Annie then laughed and said, "Paul, you are 
not a 14-year-old any more, just a big baby, and by end of this year 
all at school will see you, like Linda. You're not being any of their 
equals, but an overdressed little baby that does not need be in school, 
but at a daycare center with all the other babies. And being laughed at 
by all the 2 to 4 year old little boys and girls that also bigger than 
you." She than place me in the crib to sleep before other when to bed.

The next day I woke up. Dad was upset and said I needed to get dressed 
for school, and he was here to help me. He changed my diaper then 
pulled out my school clothes. I started crying when I saw them. They 
were the school outfit for K to 2nd boys at the school. "Please, dad, 
do not make me wear that, all will laugh at me." Dad said, "the school 
wants you to wear this outfit because it's easier to change you." And 
that was that. I got to school but was taken to the office. At the 
office I was asked about the fight with the 4th grader. I said he was 
laughing at me and calling me names. So I shoved him down. The dean 
asked if I said he was lying. I said yes, he was telling others I was 
wearing a diaper and they were laughing at me. The bell rang and all 
went to class about 10 minutes and the dean led me down to the fourth 
grade rooms. We knock on the door and the teacher asked us in. As I 
walked into room of about 45 fourth grade boys and girls the class 
stared and started laughing at me dressed in my shorts and shirt and 
knee socks of smaller kids. I heard one say, "The 1st graders are in 
the other hall." The teacher got control of the class and the dean 
called John to the front of the room. "John, is this the boy that 
knocked you down and said you were lying?" He said yes. Then the dean 
made me tell John I was sorry for knocking him down. Then the dean 
whispered into John's ear and he laughed. "And now, Paul," the dean 
said, "was John lying?" In front of the class I had to tell that John 
was telling the truth. At that time John pulled my shorts down in front 
of the whole class, showing them that I was in a diaper. The whole 
class started laughing, giggling and pointing at me. John yelled, "I 
told you he was a big baby." Than the most humiliating to happen. I wet 
myself in front of the whole class. One of the girls saw this and 
yelled, "he peed his diaper." The dean said, "I need to get you to the 
nurse's station for change, little boy," and that rung laughter from 
all. But the teacher asked the dean if he had the diaper bag. He said 
yes, it in the hall. She sent one of the girls out to get it. And then, 
there in front out all 4th graders, she changed my diaper and put new 
clothes on me. As I left all the children laughed and said, "bye, baby, 
we need to do school work." I was then taken to my class.

The class was almost over, but I walked in with the dean to the 
laughter of my 8th grade class of 30 boys and girls. Saying, "are you 
lost, little boy?" The next class was gym. I ran to the gym so I could 
get dressed first and not let boys see my in my diaper. But someone 
removed my swimsuit and replaced it with a swim diaper. I was shocked 
and did not get dressed as boy, came in and changed. I acted like I was 
using the bathroom. The whole class changed and was on the pool deck, 
both boys and girls. The teacher asked where I was. She came to check 
on me and asked me what wrong. I told her and she told me get undressed 
and put me into the swim diaper. I was then pulled out to the deck 
where my classmates were in their swimsuits. They laughed, giggled, 
pointed and called me baby as they saw me in my swim diaper. The 
teacher told the class to get into the pool, but then stopped Fred and 
Beth and told them to take the baby down to the baby pool at end the 
pool and watch him. Again, the class laughed at me. Beth patted me on 
my diaper and said, "Come on, boy." At the end of class the boys would 
not let me in the boys' locker room. The teacher told Beth to take me 
into the girls' locker room and change me. At first there was a lot of 
screaming and yelling, "Boy in the girls' locker room!" But then they 
calmed down and got undressed and dressed in front of me like I was a 
baby. Then Beth removed my swim diaper to change me. There was laughter 
from the girls because I had no hair. She placed a diaper on me but 
before Beth could place the rest of my clothes on me, Ashley talked to 
Beth. She said to the other girls, "The 6th grade girls are the next 
class in, so don't you think they need see the big baby?" They all said 
yes and than tied me down only in a diaper and left. I lay there for 10 
minutes, than the 6th graders came in. They stopped when they saw me in 
a diaper but all got around and laughed at me. The teacher came in and 
saw what was happening and untied me and put my boy out fit on as girls 
all said, "bye, baby." My dad was called and I was taken home for the 
rest of the day. He said I needed to get used to it. I still have 7 
months and two weeks. Also, he said that he was going pick me up anyway 
because Rebecca, the probation officer, needed to stop by. I said, "I 
hope she does not bring that brat of a 7-year-old with her." Dad said 
that I have no right to tell an adult what to do and even her 7-year-
old has more rights than I do right now. "At least she can dress 
herself. That's less than you can, now in your diapers, little boy, so 
you better be nice or I will let her change your diaper."

Part 9A

Dad was upset being called at home to come to get me from the school. 
He did not give me a chance to even cover up my diaper and pulled me 
out to the pool deck. And there I stood only in my diaper in front of 
all the sixth grade class, both girls and boys. They were laughing and 
they said, "Does the baby need changed?" "Are you lost? The nursery is 
next door."

One of the boys step up and ask me if I remembered him. I said no and 
he said I depantsed him in front of his girlfriend and her friends last 
year. My dad stopped walking to let this boy talk to me but what I done 
to him. Also, a group of boys and girls gathered around us. He said I 
was not so big now. I asked him, "Let me go, please!" He said, "Okay, 
but only after you pee your diaper in front of all of us like the baby 
you are." I asked him, "Please do not to make me do this!" But he said, 
"Too bad," so I had too pee my diaper in front of all of them. They 
were laughing and pointing at my wet diaper, calling me a big baby. And 
he than told my dad, "I think the baby needs to get his diaper 
changed." Then he told me next time I see him or any sixth graders that 
I must crawl like the baby I am in front of them.

As I left the pool in only my wet diaper he yelled at me, saying, "You 
think I am kidding? Get on your hands and knees and crawl out of here 
like the baby you are now!" I dropped to my knees and started crawling 
at the laughter of all. Some of the boys smacked me on the butt as I 
crawled by and some of the girls stopped me to make me look up at them 
in their swimsuits. They than look at dad and said they were baby 
sitters if he needed one, and patted me on the bottom. We walk across 
the parking lot only to run into the first grade class of girls with 
Linda in it. I tried very hard to get into the car but they got to see 
me in my wet diaper. But dad stopped to talk to Mrs. Brook, the first 
grade teacher. So there I stood in front of 30 fully dressed first-
grade girls, just in my diaper. Linda told them, "This is the big baby 
I've been telling you all about" and they giggled. Callie, another 
girl, said, "Look, the baby has wet himself!" and they all laughed as 
dad placed me in a car seat in front of all these first graders. And we 
drove off for home as they all waved, "goodbye, baby."

At home dad was upset and said I embarrassed him and I can lay in my 
wet diaper for a while. And then he placed me into the playpen and went 
back to the computer. I was crying, asking him to change me. He just 
kept working but at about 3:30 pm there was a knock on the door. Dad 
answered it and said, "Come in and you can also bring Hailey and her 
friend in also." As Rebecca walked in with her daughter Hailey and 
another girl into living room where I was sitting in a playpen only in 
my diaper.

"Hi Paul," said my probation officer as she and two fully dressed girls 
walked into living room, giggled and laughed at me. She ask me how I 
was doing and had I been following my rules and getting to bed by 
7:00pm nightly. That also brought comments from Hailey, asking her mom 
what she said. She told Hailey that I had to be in by 6 and in bed by 
7. Hailey and her friends both said they got to stay up until 8:30. But 
Rebecca asked, "Do either of them still wear a diaper?" They both 
laughed and said no, they were big girls, not a little baby. She then 
asked Hailey if I was a big boy. She and her friend laughed and said, 
"No way, he's just a baby. That's why he goes to bed before you do."

Rebecca also told me more bad news. My mom and my step dad and family 
ask for me to visit for two weeks on fall break. I did not want to go 
for the visit because two years ago I left there to live with dad, 
because I through they were treating me like a baby. And now going to 
their house dressed as I am in diapers in front of mom; my stepdad ;my 
10-year-old sister; my 12- and 8-year-old stepsisters; and my 11 year 
old stepbrother ;and 3-year-old twins half-sisters. I began to cry 
because I was going to returned being the baby and so I will return to 
their present as baby I claimed I was not.

Rebecca than saw that my diaper was wet and asked dad if she could 
change me. He said yes. So she asked Hailey to get the diaper bag. She 
took my diaper and left me nude on the floor as Hailey got diaper bag. 
There I was, naked in front of two 7 year old that were fully clothed. 
Rebecca and girls placed a diaper on me and then Hailey reached into 
her back pack and pulled out a new outfit. It was a white onesie and 
blue pair of shorts with snaps. They all giggled as they placed me back 
into the playpen. Rebecca said, "That will make it easier to change 
your diaper." They also show me three more onesies and two shorttails 
and one romper and sleeper with feet and snaps. They said bye and said 
they will see me in 4 weeks after my trip to mom's. They left with 
Hailey's friend saying, "I never seen a bigger baby."

I ask dad to let me stay with him for the two weeks and not to go to 
mom's. He said that mom's petition the courts and also found out about 
my punishment. She, her husband and Rebecca felt it would add to my 
probation if I returned to the place I first acted out at. They also 
agreed that the punishment will continue at their house for two weeks 
and I had to follow all guidelines and be with parents or babysitter at 
all times. He said mom would pick me up in morning with my younger 
sisters, 3-year-old Julianne and Gabrielle. Dad helped me pack and 
changed my diaper and place me to bed.

I woke up in the morning to giggling as I saw Julianne and Gabrielle 
looking at in my crib. Mom said, "Why, Gabrielle, I think this young 
man needs his diaper changed." My two sisters started laughing and 
lifting their dresses up so I could see their panties. Mom told the 
girls to keep their dresses down because they were big girls now. She 
took me out of the crib and placed me on a changing mat. There in front 
of my three-year-old sisters she changed my diaper. Then she placed me 
in a shorttail and told my sisters to watch me as she packed the car. 
Julianne picked up a pacifier and placed it in my mouth. Mom came in 
and asked, "Is that a new thing for 14 year olds to suck on pacifiers?" 
and laugh at me. Mom told all it was time to go. Julianne took my hand 
and led me to the car, where I was placed in a car seat between my two 
3-year-old sisters for ride to mom's house. I was crying and Gabrielle 
told mom, but she said, "That's okay; little babies cry at times. Just 
put his pacifier back in his mouth."

It took 3 hours to get to mom's but it seemed very quick. Once we got 
to the house mom said that Brianna, my 12 year old stepsister, has 
taken over my old room and that I would be sharing Gabrielle's and 
Julianne's room. We went into their room. There were two youth beds and 
a crib and changing table. Mom told the girls to show me my bed and 
they giggled and pointed to the crib. At that time mom said, "I think 
it is nap time." She picked me up and placed me in the crib and pulled 
the bars up to lock. I lay there as my sisters giggled and laughed but 
then they removed their dresses and jumped into bed. I begin to cry as 
I lay there in a crib, as my younger sisters lay in their beds. But as 
I started to fall asleep I looked up at mom as she said, "Look at you 
now, you left her because you did not want to follow rules at Steve's 
and I wanted you to follow, but now you returned in a state where even 
Gabrielle and Julianne have more rights than you. What do you think, 
your stepsisters, Brianna and Addison, are going to say? And how about 
Christian, your stepbrother? You used to humiliate him; now it his 
turn. Miranda may give you mercy but she hurt because you left. Steve 
and I talked and decided that you made these choices and you must pay 
the price for them. So for your two weeks here you are the baby and all 
are older than you, and they also can go on about their lives with 
their friends. That means if you are seen in diaper or onesie you have 
to deal with it, not them. Oh yes, we are also going to the family 
reunion the Saturday before you go home. I bet your cousins will be 
surprised. Now go to sleep."

I fell to sleep but was waked up with laughter. There looking at me in 
the crib was my two stepsisters. Brianna said, "I just cannot wait 
until my friends see my new baby brother." And Addison, my 8-year-old 
stepsister, said, "I think the baby pooped his diaper. I smell him!"

They yelled at mom that the baby needed to be changed. Mom yelled back 
that she was busy and Brianna could change my diaper. She said okay and 
took diapers, baby power and wipes out of the drawer. She then told 
Addison to pick out my outfit. She picked out a shirttail with puppy 
dogs on them. She unlocked the crib, but before she could get me out my 
sisters woke up. So now I was changed in front of the girls. With 
Brianna taking her time, she wiped my hairless penis telling my little 
sisters, "This is what makes a boy not like a girl", as they laughed. 
They put my clothes on and took me to the living room. There was a 
playpen I was placed in. While in the playpen, in come Miranda with two 
of her friends. She stopped and told the girls, "This used to be my old 
brother, but now he is my baby brother." They all giggled as they ran 
to her room to change me. The last one in was Christian. He walked up 
to the playpen and said, "Little brother, I cannot wait to show you to 
my friends. They'd all love to see you again after the trick you played 
on them."

They all left me there except my youngest sisters. They tried to play 
with me in the playpen. Mom said they were to big but picked me and 
place me on the floor. She told me I could only crawl and then told the 
girls to have fun. They decided to play house and I was the baby-- 
making me crawl, take a bottle, suck on a pacifier, all the while 
telling me what good baby I was and what big girls they are. Mom called 
all for dinner and we went to the table to find I was seated in a high 
chair where Miranda asked if she could feed me. After dinner mom said 
it was time for baths and ask Brianna to wash the twins and me. She 
took us up to bathroom. The twins did not want to take baths with me 
and I did want to take one with them. But Big Sister explained that the 
baby needed to be watched in the tub and if they got their baths done 
early they get to stay up later. So they undressed and got into the 
tub. Then my clothes were removed and placed in the tub with them. We 
were washed off. Brianna dried the girls off first as they stood on 
each side of me and I was looking at their pussies. They quickly got 
dressed in panties and nightgowns. Then I was dry off but was given no 
clothes but was lea to bedroom naked with the sisters holding my hand. 
There I was placed in a diaper and placed in crib. As the girls were 
told they were older and get stay up another half hour. Day one done-- 
only 10 more to go as I cried myself to sleep.
Part 9B

I woke up the next morning looking thru my sister crib rails at my 
stepsister Brianna looking down at me. She was laughing and telling me 
how she remembers me telling all of them how childish they are and she 
was grown and did not needed to follow these childlike rules. "That was 
two years ago and now look at you. When you left Julianne and Gabrielle 
was still in diapers but now you are the only one in diapers and laying 
here in your sister's crib. I guess you have not grown up, have you? 
Oh, by the way, remember you used to try to see my, Addison and Miranda 
panties? You will be getting a good look at them this week because we 
all took a vote and it was decided that you can only crawl while in the 
house. And that mom still has all us girls in dresses you will probably 
see our panties, little boy. But my and your sister's friend will see 
you in a diaper or less and you can do nothing but cry about that 
because you are a baby. Now time to get you dress and change."

Brianna took me out of the crib and had me crawl over to a changing 
mat. There she took off my diaper and wipe me off and laugh at my 
hairless penis. She said, "Miranda got more hair than you do now." Then 
she called for Addison to get the diaper bag. About two minutes later 
in came Gabrielle with the bag. She stared at me while Brianna finished 
changing me. I try to cover my penis but Brianna smacked my hand and 
was telling Gabrielle, "this is baby boy. See his small penis!" And she 
laughed with her sister while they finished dressing me in only a 
diaper and t-shirt.

I was then taken downstairs to the rest of the family. I was walking 
when Christian said, "I thought the baby was to be crawling." Mom said, 
"that's right" and told me get on my knees. Christian said, "that's 
better" and then asked mom if friends could come over this afternoon. 
She said yes. And then he looked at me and said, "they will love your 
new outfit." I started to cry and Miranda came over and placed a 
pacifier in my mouth and said, "this should help the big baby stop 
crying." As I looked up at her, I could see her panties under her skirt 
and she just smiled down at me. I was fed breakfast in the highchair 
and than placed in the playpen and left there. It was until 11:30am 
when Addison came in with three of her friends to play with the baby. 
She told them in front of them that this was her 14-year-old 
stepbrother. Karen laughed and giggled and said, "14-year-olds do not 
wear diapers." Than Addison said, "This one does!" They all laughed and 
then place me on the floor. She said, "he also has to crawl to us." So 
she made me crawl over to each of her friends in my diaper. But then 
Karen reached down and unpinned one diaper pin and as I crawled my 
diaper came off. Now I was naked in front of 4 eight-year-olds as they 
giggled and laughed at my nude body. Mom came in and said, "okay girls, 
put baby's diaper back on and put him in new outfit. After that you can 
feed him his bottle." They said okay. They picked out a onesie with 
teddy bears on it for me to wear with my clean diaper. That was when 
mom brought a bottle in with a baby bid. Addison told Karen because it 
was her 7th birthday she could feed me. So I was made to crawl over to 
Karen. She placed a bib on me and then gave me my bottle. They laughed 
and said they cannot wait until Tuesday when I will be taken to the 
park. I said, "What?" but mom told Addison that she should have not 
told her friends and smack her on the bottom. They all left.

Mom took me upstairs to be watched by my younger sisters the twins 
while she did the wash downstairs. The twins were playing and they 
included me but I had to crawl. There I was playing with two 3 year 
olds. They were dressed in dresses and me in a onesie. They told me, 
"do something" and I told them no. Julianne said mom told them they 
were in charge. I told them I was older. They both laughed and said, 
"you are wearing a diaper, little boy. At least we have on panties." At 
that time both raised their dresses and showed me their panties. "And 
we are bigger enough to go to the bathroom you have wait until some one 
changes your diaper. We are big girls and you are a baby. Now, are you 
going to mind us or do we tell mommy on you?" I said, "Tell mom!" They 
did and mom came up and told me since I did not mind my older sisters I 
could go to bed. My sisters were giggling as mom placed me into the 
crib. They came over and ask me how the baby was now. And then when 
play by themselves.

I slept a while but woke up because I pooped my diaper. I ask Gabrielle 
if she could get mom to change me. But she said that I said she was a 
little girl and I was big boy, why do I need get mom? And Julianne 
joined in and said, "Why?" I told them I had an accident in my 
underwear. They laughed and said, "You got a diaper on, not underwear! 
Go on, what you need?" I had to tell them I pooped my diaper and needed 
it changed. They then said, "Who, the baby?" and I had to tell them. I 
was at their laughter. Gabrielle told me she would get mommy to change 
the baby. Mom came up and asked me what was wrong and I told her. She 
picked me up and placed me on the changing mat. I ask her if the twins 
could leave she said no. I said, "I do not want them see me." She said 
okay and placed me back into crib with a pooped diaper on. She told me 
I could be changed but now must ask the twins to help or I stay in a 
messy diaper. I cried and said it was not fair. I lay there for another 
30 minutes but finally ask the twins to help mom change me. They 
watched as I was cleaned and changed and placed back into a onesie.

Mom took me back downstairs and place me in a playpen. Christian came 
in with 8 of his friends, 6 guys and 2 girls. They all ran over to the 
playpen laughing and pointing at me, calling me names like "Diaper boy, 
do you need you diaper change, big baby?" One of girls reached into the 
playpen and picked up the pacifier and put it in my mouth. This caused 
all the others to laugh. Christian also said I had to crawl like a 
baby. They all wanted see that so I was placed on the floor and had 
crawled after a ball they threw. Then John said, "Remember when you 
took my pants and made me run home naked in front of all the laughing 
kids? You thought you were so big and funny then, but now look at you 
crawling on your hands and knees in a diaper in front of 9 11-year-
olds. Not so funny now, are you?" Then Tammy spoke up to John. "Why not 
take this underwear like he did yours and we all get see him naked?" I 
pleaded with Christian not to let them do this but he only laughed. So 
John took off my diaper. They all begin laughing as they saw I had no 
hair and made me crawl in front of them. Tammy pointed out to all that 
I looked like baby. They teased me for another twenty minutes but got 
tired of it. So Tammy up my diaper back on and placed me in the playpen 
and left talking and giggling as went out the door.

We ate supper and then I was given a bath and put to bed. The next 
three days were same as today. Next part I talk about going to the park 
and Miranda's overnighter.